We test to ensure healthy happy puppies

A little about us....

Down To Earth Golden's

I am a small home based breeder and only have a few litters a year. I specialize in breeding and selling family-quality Golden Retrievers. I sell my own Canadian Kennel Club registered puppies. My dog's live with me as though they are part of my family. We have all females and males on site.

From time to time I will out source a male to bring new blood lines as I keep all of my own breeding females that were born and raised on site. We has started to enter the show world and have enjoyed this experience and the dogs love it just as much.

During my days I work as a Mental Health and Addictions counsellor with Canadian Mental Health. One of our preemies "TimBit" attends the office daily with me to make others lives brighter. I am thrilled that the agency will allow others to experience the love of a golden!

My gang are all on a natural raw diet, they receive raw chicken with bone, chicken backs, beef spleen, hamburger, kidney, liver, turkey necks, Duck necks, turkey hearts and from time to time rabbit.  I mix in coconut oil, herring oil, sea weed, kelp, flax, chia seeds, turmeric, DE earth. 

Puppies are raised of Fromm large breed kibble, it is a good quality food and available at many locations. 

All of my dog's are tested for Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, thyroid, patellas and cleared through OFA and OVC, and CERF. We have also started to do DNA testing for PRA1, PRA2, ICHT, MD in our dogs. Testing can not eliminate all genetic defects however it can be a great preventive tool to help decrease the genetic traits that many breeds suffer from.This is our choice and we choose to stick to that, in order to maintain the best qualities of the breed.

Please take a look at the site and make sure to stop by Facebook page for plenty of photos. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and someone will get back to you right away.

To hold a puppy:

We hold order selection with a $300+HST non refundable deposit. We hold firm 2 males and 2 females per litter and others will be placed on a overflow list. If out of the litter that is currently being held for does not have more than the 4 firm, the individuals on the overflow list will be moved to the next available litter. If the said bitch has more than the alotted 4 we will go down the overflow list according to the order people were placed for there selection.

The deposit is transferable for up to one year from the date accepted. We understand that some times situations change we are adaptable, however no deposit will be refunded after the year is up. 

Our Price:

$1700 + HST for either male or female

$2000 for stud service for approved bitches only

Our visit policy:

Our policy is that we are a closed kennel and do not allow a free flow of families. The reason being is that Parvo is a deadly virus that puppies can contract and can be brought in on peoples foot ware. 

We understand that individuals like to visit kennels however that is not what we allow. The over all health and well being is of our utmost concern.  I know some may think this is harsh however I am ok with that. 

I allow families to come at 7 weeks of age when the pups have been to the vet to be fully inspected and vaccinated, families come at that point to chose their puppy and again at 8 weeks when it is time for the little one to join his/her family. 


 I recommend people research breeders, ask questions, get feed back from other customers. One can also call the township that the kennel is in to inquire about inspections, if the owner holds a valid kennel licence,  how clean the kennels are, ask the kennel owner who their vet is and inquire with regards to same, inquire with the Canadian Kennel club to see if the owner is in good standing. Puppy visits can not give any one all the information that is needed.  This is just my view.